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What’s your problem?

Yeah, I know — going to the doctor is probably not at the top of your “Fun Things to Do on My Next Day Off” list. But does it have to make you feel sick (with frustration)?

Seinfeld: The Waiting Room

In the 23 years I’ve been practicing as a family doc I have heard (and made myself) a ton of complaints about the healthcare system.

Here are the top five complaints that I hear again and again:

  • I really want a family doctor but I can’t get one.
  • I have a family doctor (yay); I can’t get an appointment for two weeks.(BOO)
  • I got an appointment — after five calls to a busy signal, eight rings to an answer, and six minutes on hold.
  • I got an appointment — but I waited an hour and a half because the doctor was running behind (boo). And they usually run behind. (Yes, I love the Seinfeld bit on waiting in the doc’s office; it’s only funny — in a sad way — because it’s so true.)
  • My doctor will only see me if I have an appointment — but I just need something that would take her a minute to deal with (prescription renewal, simple question, etc.). Why can’t I phone or e-mail?

Based on your personal experiences, what are your biggest complaints about accessing the healthcare system?

Next post I’ll explore some of these problems — and what can be done about them.

Have a great Easter/Passover week-end.

Dr. Chris

Dr. Chris Watt is Medical Director of Khatsahlano Medical Clinics. This blog contains his own personal musings on all things health care and should not be construed as medical advice (even when it sounds like it).